Obtaining the Residence Visa with New Rules and Requirements

The new residence visa Dubai offers a new set of benefits for expatriates. It now allows foreigners to enter the country without the need for a sponsor. The new residency visa is intended to attract young and talented individuals to the country. Designed to make the visa easier to apply for and allows those with no sponsor to explore opportunities in the UAE. Let us have a look:

High-Performing Students in UAE Secondary Schools

A new rule in the UAE immigration system has opened the door for high-achieving students to obtain a residence visa. The program now targets outstanding students from UAE secondary schools and graduates from UAE universities, including the world’s top 100 universities. Candidates will be assessed on academic performance, year of graduation, university classification, and other criteria. Other new features include streamlined residency requirements, more benefits for family members, and flexible grace periods.

Residence Visa Dubai has changed its requirements and rules for high-achieving students. The program is especially for those with PhDs or master’s degrees from prestigious international universities and the UAE’s top universities. The applicant must also have a job contract in the UAE and a salary of more than AED 30,000.

Outstanding Graduates from Universities in the Country

There are a few new requirements for obtaining the Residence Visa UAE. One of these is to have an outstanding graduate degree from a UAE university. Applicants should also have a good job in the UAE, which must fall under the first or second occupational level. The new rules will make it easier for qualified applicants to obtain a residence visa.

The UAE is also offering golden visas to graduates from the top 100 universities. The new system will consider their academic performance, graduation year, and university classification. In addition, the education departments have developed a rating system based on the QS world ranking system, which measures the quality of teaching and research in universities. One of the major changes that the UAE has made is to attract foreign talent.

Exceptional Talents

The UAE has introduced a new residence visa scheme that targets exceptional talents. This scheme is attracting young, talented professionals and fresh graduates of top universities from across the world. Designed to allow individuals to live and work freely in the UAE without the need for a sponsor. In addition, it facilitates family visa Dubai for residence through flexible grace periods of six months.

The residence visa renewal in Dubai is also available for 10 years. It is awarded to individuals with specialized talents in science, knowledge, arts, or athletics. Their partners and kids are also covered by the visa. Applicants must have an employment contract with a recognized company in the UAE or have achieved high academic achievement. In addition, the Emirates Scientists Council or the Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development to qualify for the residence visa must have accredited researchers, scientists, and creative individuals.

Applicants for Golden Residence visa

In addition to the usual requirements for residency visas in the UAE, Golden Residence visas are available to those who are highly educated and have significant influence in their field. To obtain this visa, the Emirates Scientists Council and have at least a master’s or Ph.D. degree, as well as substantial research must recommend applicants’ achievements.

The UAE is a place of exceptional talent and has recently expanded its Golden Visa categories. The new rules and requirements for applying for this visa have increased the chances of success for expatriates.

Blood Test Requirement

Before obtaining a Residence Visa, it is essential to check for any disease that may affect you in the UAE. Based on the Federal Laws of the UAE and helps to maintain a healthy living environment. The testing also uses to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases that can harm the public. This requirement is applicable for new residents as well as for residence visa renewal. Applicants with no test for TB or any other disease may be deported.

In addition to a blood test, foreign nationals intending to work or reside in the UAE must also have a chest X-ray done. This screening is to check whether the applicant has TB or HIV. If the result is positive, the resident is not applicable for the Residence Visa. In addition, individuals who have scars due to TB will also not be able to receive a residence visa stamp.


The UAE has implemented a new residence visa UAE for talented individuals with a degree from a world-renowned university. Applicants classify in the first or second occupational level and hold a bachelor’s degree.

Because of the new residency rules and requirements, the process of obtaining a residency visa in the UAE has become more straightforward than ever. You can apply online or visit a GDRFA office in person to get the process started. GDRFA has Amer centers in each Emirate, as well as licensed typing centers like Docman. You can also visit the embassy of your desired Emirate to apply for a residency visa.

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