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A Step-by-Step Instruction for SEO Checklist for Website Redesign

SEO is a term used to describe the term “search engine optimization. SEO is the method used to assist websites or content be more prominent on Google. Whatever the business is, the higher ranking will result in more exposure and improved site’s performance. Businesses and organizations are trying to employ SEO specialists to devise strategies to boost organic traffic.

Furthermore, SEO tools such as Google Trends, Google Analytics, Ahrefs, and UberSuggest will help companies get organic ranking. Because SEO relies on organic rankings.

Verify that Your Server supports the latest design

In order to ensure that your server is compatible with the new model, you must conduct hardware and software testing. Hardware testing is the process of confirming the layout of the server’s hardware components. Software testing is conducted to check if the application is in line with the specifications of its design.

If you are planning to move your website from a server to another during the process of designing your site make sure to maintain your site in testing mode until you are able to identify no errors, like shopping orders, as well as sending emails to work without issues.

Create a temporary development URL

A temporary development URL will help you during the phase before launch. Therefore, don’t alter the existing website. It is better to redesign it with another URL. Also, you could begin making adjustments to your site. So, it stops users from experiencing issues.

You can seek assistance from your developer, or ask an hosting service such as a the website development company from Dubai to handle it for you in the event that there is the possibility that you will be struggling with this. It is essential to ask your hosting company to complete the setup on your behalf to protect your from having to deal with any issues in the future.

Don’t delete old content

The content of the past should be in the place they are today. One thing you could make is to enhance the quality of your blog post. If you’re planning to delete the old blog post, take a look at the past history you’ve accumulated. Content is the most important element for SEO, and the removal of parts of your content could create a blog that has posts from a couple of years back. Also, think about all the backlinks you provide and the backlinks become broken links.

Make use of your old content. It’s simpler to make improvements to it than writing new content. After that, you can search for a suitable keyword that you can rank it for, and improve it.


To categorize the keywords you select, you can begin by mapping them to keywords. Create a list of 100 websites that are highly ranked and then create the most important keywords for each article. Then, you can research the most relevant keywords for each article.

Keyword strategy forms at the heart of SEO. It is recommended not to address the same keyword more than once on a page. To conduct the semantic optimization of content, you must make sure that your content is focused on a specific keyword and its variations , such as single form and plural and synonyms. Keyword strategy is the process by which you must select the most relevant ranking keywords that are relevant to your company. Look up the singular and plural versions of keywords to make sure that you select the appropriate word.

Set up 301 redirects

Make sure you do redirects to 301 between your both URLs. When you redesign your website make sure that both URLs work or not. If one doesn’t work, you will lose the SEO benefits from your old URL. If you make a mistake the search engines will display the error 404 pages that are not being found.

The 301 redirect aids in to change the redirect from an old URL to a new URL. This method of communication informs indexing engines the new URL is changing immediately.

For instance, you’re looking to alter your previous “About Us” page into an entirely new page. Turn “” to “” first check that they are working.

Accessibility to Websites

Let’s suppose that people with certain disabilities visit your site How can they be able to access it? Accessibility to websites is an essential aspect of a site that lets disabled users to access to your site and the content. You must ensure that your site is accessible to everyone since it can help you with business and marketing perspectives.

Set Goals for Analytics

Goals are the most important metrics to your website. Be sure to set goals whenever your website’s URL changes or even attempt to create new goals. There is the maximum of 20 goals in each report view. However, should you require more goals, you must create a different view for the property. If you wish to remove the goal, you must be aware that you cannot, however you can block it from being tracked.

Try The New Site

When you have converted your current website into a brand new one, it’s the perfect time to perform an exhaustive check-up of your website. Check for mistakes broken links, features, broken links and mistakes such as fonts that are different or spacings that aren’t correct, a wrong images, colors and so on. Testing, checking and visually checking your website’s new design is a must; you’ve probably already done it so do it again. time.

Explore the Website Examine It, and Review the Results

Explore the new website to find issues and issues after a few months. Like your previous website you must conduct an audit of your new site as well. You can utilize tools such as Moz to conduct an audit of your website.

After the audit You must then compare the indexing jumper and the result. If you’ve not removed or changed any content and pages crawled will be similar to the number that was on the old website. Examine for any unresolved and not resolved errors or issues, for example, the absence of titles, descriptions alt tags and so on.

Make sure to check as well Compare Search Traffic

What is the amount of search traffic you receive compared to the prior website? Utilize Search Console and your Analytics data to evaluate the results. If you alter your domain, you’ll be able to export your data from the pre-launch phase to the CSV file and then compare it to the data that you currently have. If you did not alter your name, you can analyze your data directly through Google Analytics.

Check Your SEO Performance

Review the extent of your SEO visibility to determine if it has risen or decreased. This allows you to easily analyze the latest trends in marketing and market methods regardless of whether they’re included in a marketing automation plan or not. SEO visibility is measured by millions of keywords tracked by Google and their traffic volume and significance, and every up and down is related to Google algorithm modifications.

Make Use of Additional Tools

After you have your new website created, be sure you utilize additional tools to improve the website. For instance, various platforms have various options. WordPress provides plugins such as Yoast for making your site SEO-friendly, which allows it to be more prominent in results for search engines. E-commerce platforms such as Shopify offers a range of in-built applications you can make use of to optimize your store. For instance, TADA, Oberlo, Trident AB are some of the apps that are packed with lots of functions that will help you increase the conversion rate and sales within a matter of minutes. This is a brief guide to help you: 15. Test Tools for A/B to test your E-Commerce That You Must Utilize by 2022. The original publication was written from Trident AB and will give you useful information about A/B testing techniques to improve your online store.

Last Words

If you are the owner of a company , you must be thinking about the best way to get your company online and also a checklist for SEO Services dubai.

Making a website and looking to expand could be a full-time occupation If you have a well-planned strategy and a professional team like prominent designers and skilled developers, you will be able to grow your site and business in the simplest way.

Google SEO is the primary method that crawlers of Google perform. Make sure to upgrade using a brand new Google algorithm which is updated every now and then.

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