Budget-Friendly Online Personal Trainers

Dieting was a popular New Year’s resolution. Only 35% of Americans will follow through on this New Year’s resolution. Fitness isn’t only a New Year’s resolution.

Let’s discuss online fitness trainers, their benefits, and your possibilities.

Online personal trainer?

Depending on your fitness goals and who you ask. There are several reasons why a personal trainer is an excellent idea. Reasons:

Missing goals

If you’re working hard but not seeing results, a trainer can help. Our bodies get used to the same daily actions, including exercise.


Chronic health concerns warrant professional workout assistance. Lifting weights wouldn’t be a good first step for me because my back already hurts.

Event-specific preparation

An online personal trainer can help you prepare for more than a 5K. Sports use different muscle groups.

Where to begin?

Even seasoned pros find working out intimidating. An online personal trainer may help you build a training regimen, advise on eating recommendations, and guide you.

What are the benefits of an online personal trainer?


When no one else will, an online personal trainer will. Accountability comes from neutral parties with nothing to gain or lose from your decisions. Trainers with nothing to lose want you to win, so that’s good.

Home exercise

I don’t know about you, but I’m self-conscious in the gym. One of my health issues has thrown off my posture, and I’m scared I’ll look funny when doing certain tasks.


Online personal trainers hold you accountable while you exercise at home. Check-in is easier.

Traditional trainers only meet weekly or biweekly. So many queries or health issues you’d like to share are ignored, stalling progress.

How much does an online personal trainer cost?

Online personal trainers’ prices depend on many factors. You can browse online and in-person for local personal trainers to gather price information.

Basic low-tier services like an accountability app or group cost $25 a month. Direct services cost a few hundred dollars a month for weekly sessions where your trainer can fix your form.

Expectations from an online fitness coach?

  • Expectations are important when working out with a coach. Expect, but aren’t limited to:
  • Fitness-goal discussion
  • Health/body evaluation
  • Routines
  • Cookbooks
  • Weekly or biweekly goal checks
  • Communication
  • A tough-love mentor

Like in person, you should have online workout expectations.

Where can you find a virtual trainer?

Let’s discuss where to get an online fitness trainer.

Fitness website

Some websites find you a trainer. You provide your info, and a trainer is assigned. These websites offer background checks, so you’re safe.


Even if you’re not doing personal training at your gym, they may have suggestions.


Online fitness coaches are advertising and building platforms on social media. Instagram and YouTube are full of personal fitness trainers.


Do you have a pal who’s always fit? Ask if they can recommend an online trainer.

Online personal trainer apps?

Suppose you’re not ready to commit to one individual. Instead, try online personal trainer apps.

Club Nike

  • FREE
  • Or should I say app?
  • Nike Training Club is a great exercise app that features celebrity trainers. Join their online network to obtain Nike discounts.


  • FREE
  • Or app? both
  • Josh Clark created Couch 2 5K to help people get in shape for a 5K. Josh’s curriculum isn’t just for sellers. In addition to his app and website, he provides motivational podcasts.


  • Free for two weeks, then $12.99 per month.
  • Or should I say app?
  • Keelo is for people who want to step up their routine. Keelo creates a personalized training regimen based on your needs and lets you interact with your trainer in real-time.


  • $199/year or $20/month
  • Or app? both
  • Alo Moves is great for committed yoga practice. This is a less expensive way to get to your yoga class without leaving your house.


  • $119.99/year or $29.99/month
  • Or should I say app?
  • Already fit and want Thor’s body? Chris Hemsworth made Centr so you could reach his level. His all-star crew can provide live teachers, nutrition plans, and mindfulness sessions. This app offers everything you need to get into superhero form.

Online personal trainers are affordable.

There’s an online trainer for everyone. Finding the right person or app is key.

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