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As described by the title we are talking about making an avatar.So, I am here to tell you how you can ake avatar online for free without paying anything. So there are different avatar generators but if you want to make avatar of  you which is similar to you, I suggest you visit the new Avatar Maker in which you find numerous of the best features which help in customizing your avatar according to your wish. Let me show you what an avatar looks like. So I am sharing a sample of an avatar through which you will know how avatar actually represent you

Types of Avatar

There are numerous types of avatars like gaming avatar, pi crew avatar, anime, gravatar and many other

Avatar are now become very common in society every other have avatar on its profile Let me show you how avatar actually look like

How to Make Avatar ?

Making an avatar is not difficult as we think because now there is too much softwares which helps to make avatar in a few minutes and once you get a grip you will make it in a minute. Let me explain how to make avatar online through Make Avatar the avatar maker firstly when you get into it you saw there two avatars which are actually here to differentiate the gender one for the male and other one for the female, so it depends on you on which gender you want to make avatar after selecting you got an interface where you find a custom avatar which needs some modification which you want on it. On screen there are many editing options like face size, face shape through which you can resize the face of your avatar and reshape it according to you.

How to Design Avatar look like you?

Its not hard to make avatar look like you there are also features where you upload your picture and it converts into an avatar but instead of this you will create your avatar online by Make Avatar you just have to draw a sketch of you in your mind and than implement it on the screen and in result you got your avatar ready and after this share it where you want.

How to share your Avatar

Sharing option is inserted from where you can directly share it to your social sites without any inquiries and any subscription and best thing is that Avatar Maker is all free your signup is not required for this software avatar io. If you want to download an avatar from a free online avatar maker, then there is a download button inserted under the avatar which allows you to save your avatar in SVG and PNG format in Hd quality.


Now, I am sharing the avatar which i made after all of this process in which i use different features of make avatar. I hope this will make it easy for you to make avatar online for free without any subscriptions and charges. Hope you like  this and by this you can easily m ake your own avatar online.


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