Everything You Need To Know About Junk Hauling For A Clutter-Free, Happy Home!

The A To Z Guide To Removal Of Junk From Your Premises

The earth is a beautiful blue satellite in the universe that is surrounded by junk left behind by man-made satellites. Unfortunately, there is no junk hauling service in our Milkyway or the far and wide universe(as far as we know). On the other hand, fortunately for us, we have Junk Hauling In Charlotte to remove debris and junk from our homes. Whether you’re simply removing junk from your home or you’re looking to begin a minimalist lifestyle – junk hauling is here to ease your way. 

If you’re thinking of dumpster hauling and how expensive it is, that’s not what we’re talking about. The junk hauling we want to tell you about is – pickup truck hauling. A new and innovative junk removal service. So without further ado, let us get right into the thick of it. 

To Begin With, What Exactly Is Junk Removal?

First of all, what is junk? It is not exactly trash, at the same time it may not always have any use left. A few examples of junk you may find in your home are

  • Old furniture with worn-down cushions. It is high time you replaced it. 
  • Your old mattress when you buy a new one.
  • Tables, shelves, etc that you don’t want or have use for anymore.
  • Musical instruments that you’re done with.
  • Electronics such as air conditioners, refrigerators, television, and deck speakers – old or otherwise, that you don’t want anymore.

These are just a few examples to give you an understanding of what we’re talking about here. Any household items you want to dispose of, other than trash and garbage, can be considered junk. 

The Three Types Of Junk Removal Services You Should Know About 

Pick-Up Truck Junk Hauling – This is a small to medium-scale junk hauling service. Pick-Up trucks are sufficient for this type of junk removal. The extent of the service depends on the company. Some companies provide manpower to help you move your junk to the trucks. Other companies only provide a truck and a driver, and the rest is on you. Furthermore, a few companies rent out pick-up trucks just for junk hauling. In this type of service, transporting the junk, driving it to the required location and removing it from the truck will entirely be on you. 

Dumpster Rental Services – This type of service can be observed outside of construction sites. This is where a dumpster, you can choose the size, will be placed at your preferred location. For instance, during a renovation, the junk that is created is thrown into the dumpster. Once the project is complete and the place is free of junk, the rental company will pick it up from your site. 

Dumpster Hauling – This is where large trucks pick up junk all at once. This is mostly used when the junk needs to be disposed of. This cannot be used for donations, deliveries, etc. 

What Junk Hauling Services May Not Cover

While Expert Junk Hauling Services can pick up and clean your home of any junk, there are a few junks that they will not pick up. There are valid reasons behind this. Junk that may be a reactive substance, corrosive, staining etc. will not be picked. Some of these are due to the laws in your locality and others due to the company’s preferences. 

  • Paint Cans – That is open
  • Gasoline, fuel and other combustibles 
  • Oil drums, tanks and other similar materials
  • Chemicals and other toxic or reactive materials
  • Hazardous materials and wastes
  • Fertilizers, pesticides and such ( May depend on the local law)

What Happens Next? The Choice Is In Your Hands

Unlike dumpster pickups, you can choose what happens to your junk. Pick-up truck junk hauling is all about moving things. You can choose where you want to deliver your things. They can donate it directly to charities, or to charities that you choose. The Junk Hauling In Charlotte will also dispose of it if that’s what you prefer. Other services they may provide:

  • Help you move. They can load your belongings and help you get them to your new place. 
  • They can help you transport furniture – as much or as little as you need – to your friends or families.
  • Deliver goods for businesses. From businesses to customers delivery services. 
  • Take useless junk and dispose of them in landfills or other garbage sorting areas. 
  • Donate your junk such as clothes, furniture, mattresses, and electronics to charities or rehabilitation facilities.
  • Get rid of old mattresses and other things. 
  • Provide manpower or labour force to help transport goods from your home or business to the pick-up trucks and vice versa. 
  • Some of these junk-hauling service providers will also provide manpower to help you haul goods to and from your home. 

What You Should Expect By Way Of Price

Pricing for Expert Junk Hauling Services may vary. Most companies have fixed prices for certain items. 

  • Certain furniture removal may have a preset price range
  • Some companies may set prices according to the total weight of the items
  • They may also charge you based on how much room your junk takes in their vehicle
  • Accessibility may play a role. If your home or location is easy to access, park and move things – your estimate will be much lower. 
  • A higher price may be charged for long-distance removals, difficult access areas, moving items up or down stairs, and heavy items requiring more manpower. 

This is not an exhaustive list. You will have to speak to your junk hauling company to see what their prices are and what services they offer. 

And At Last – How Do You Find A Junk Hauling Company?

You can find junk hauling companies online. Some innovative Junk Hauling companies have released apps that you can use like online taxi services. You can book their service any time through the app. You can also find the websites of these companies by searching online. Having an online presence is a must for businesses today. So a functioning, up-to-date junk hauling company will have a website you can access their services through.

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