A Step-By-Step Guide to Getting Branded Custom Header Cards

Many brands promote their products using cards and bag envelopes. The bag toppers are used to seal the packaging envelopes. The printed cards are perfect for communicating information to customers. These cards are the most effective way to print all the necessary brand information. One can simply fold the envelope and apply for a card on the head of it. Furthermore, the punch holes on the top of the card assist brands to hang products on the racks. Now, consider the following steps while designing printed header cards:

1-    Use Superior Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is used to make custom header cards. One should use high-quality Kraft materials otherwise the cards would be too delicate. Moreover, the flexibility of Kraft materials allows you to get cards of any shape and size. Plus, they are printable per your desires. Solid Kraft cards are usually resistant to crush and moisture. But, to provide maximum strength to cards, apply a top coat against dust, humidity, and intense heat.

2-    Ensure Specified Sizes of Cards

The size of custom header cards must be per your requirements. If the cards are smaller, they would not seal the envelope perfectly. The header card is customizable in different shapes and sizes to meet product specifications. It is crucial to ensure that whether bag topper/card can hold the weight of products or not. The width of the card must be at least 1/8th of the poly bag. One can select the length of cards per requirements. Companies usually use longer cards for heavy envelopes.

3-    Choose Between Plain and Creative Border

A smart technique to add some creativity to Custom Header Cards giving them a decorative border. Many brands keep the border plain and simple. But, you can make it creative by cutting it into unique shapes. Besides that, you can also color the border in different hues and patterns. Look for designs that reflect a positive brand image. The die-cutting technique can cut borders per your orders. The artistic cards will make your products distinguishable.

4-    Select Vibrant Colors to Print Cards

Colors add life to the cards. Choosing the perfect color combination to design custom header cards is better. Each color should look perfect with other colors. One can select colors per the theme of the business or per product dimensions. The CMYK and PMS techniques can print any color. So, you can pick any color of your choice. The deep but vibrant colors make your cards look more professional and attract customers.

5-    Create Theme-Relevant Cards

Another step to consider is selecting the theme of the cards. You need to make sure that the images, graphics, patterns, or colors of the cards are proper for your products. If the cards are relevant, the sales of your business will grow. Customers look at the visual elements of the cards. So, it’s crucial to spend time thinking of a captivating theme. Take examples of events like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or other occasions. The text, photos, and design of cards must be relevant to the event celebrations. These kinds of cards look adorable on bags full of favors or toys.

6-    Think of an Impressive Title

The exciting title will increase customers’ curiosity. It is a good way to attract customers to your products. Find a title that is unique and customers feel is interesting. Moreover, also ensure that the title must reflect the features of the product. For example, for food products, the title can be related to food or its company. The first thing customer is going to look at is the title of the product. Therefore, take your time and add a creative title to the card.

7-    Add Brand Logo and Name

Printing of brand name or logo on the custom header cards pays off. The logo looks professional. Plus, it helps customers recognize your brand. You can use readable typography to write brand names on these cards. The name or logo must not be complicated to understand. Other than that, you can also print stickers containing brand labels to promote your business. This way, you can work on packaging as well as the promotion of your products. In fact, many brands prefer to mention their name or logo on the card even if they do not mention any other details.

8-    Highlight Contact Information

Use bright and bold fonts to print contact numbers and address info on the header Kraft cards. You can print this info on the header or footer of the cards. It is crucial to provide as many details of your business as you can. It helps customers in understanding your brand’s story. You can also mention links to your websites to get online customers as well. You can also mention the details of your services to gain customers’ interest. This way, printed header cards are used for brand awareness among people.

·       Conclusion

In the current era, customers seem busy. That’s why they focus on the packaging display and get the products that look most attractive among all. Thus, to grab their attention, you can use attractive header cards. The key to creating interesting cards involves certain steps. It is mandatory to select high-quality paper and then print eye-catching visual elements together with business details.

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