All You Need to Know About Bridging Visa A (BVA)

Recruiters usually check whether the candidate is an Australian Citizen or not. In the case of Non- Australian Citizens, Candidate Visa status will be scrutinized by the recruiters. Mostly partner visa, parent visa, student visa etc holders have been seen applying for the Job. Few candidates with bridging visas have been seen applying for the job. All the candidates are not allowed to work under a bridging visa. There are various types of bridging visa holder with working rights but the most common among all is BVA (Bridging Visa A) –

When Bridging Visa A Granted?


There will be NO separate application for Bridging Visa A. This Visa can be applied for at the time of filling out the substantive Visa.

– Let’s Understand with an example – Substantive visa holders 1 are applying for Visa 2 because their Visa 1 is about to expire. In this case, Visa holder 1 whose visa is expired should be allowed to stay in Australia until Visa 2 is processed for Approval.

– In the above example, If the Visa application for Bridging Visa 2 is being rejected by the department of home affairs or the Administrative Appeals Tribunal or waiting for the reviewing of the Visa Application. If the candidate holds bridging visa B at the time of reviewing the visa application. That candidate should be granted the bridging Visa A until the final verdict awaiting.

– Candidates with visa holders A and B are not allowed to work. If a person is passing through a financial crunch and wants to work to save themselves, Bridging visa A will be granted to such candidates. With this visa, there are allowed to work freely which means without any limitations.

Bridging Visa A – Start and End Date


There are two conditions under which Bridging Visa A begins or came into existence. The first is when Bridging Visa A is granted to the candidate by the department of home affairs and the other is when the substantive visa of a candidate is expired.

In the above paragraph, we have learned about the start date of bridging visa A. Let’s move further and know when Bridging Visa A expires –

– Bridging Visa A will end once the substantive visa is granted to the candidate.

– Bridging visa A ends 35 days after the substantive visa application is refused or rejected.

– Bridging Visa A becomes invalid when the bridging visa application is cancelled or withdrawn.

– Sometimes candidates apply for the Bridging Visa A with working rights. In this case, bridging Visa A with restricted working rights will come to an end and a New Bridging visa A with working rights begins.

Why Hire Migration Lawyers Perth?


Bridging visa application should be processed carefully otherwise candidate have to face the huge losses because of this. Substantive visa is already expired, Now the last lifeline left is bridging visa. If this visa is rejected because of silly mistake. The candidate will be deported immediately from the Australia. Go with the Bridging visa application with the help of Migration Lawyer Perth and get your visa approved.

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