Ireland Student Visa: Step by Step to Emerald Education

Ireland study visa process is a bit time-consuming as it can take upto 8 weeks in some cases and requires a lot of form filling along and documents. It is essential that you must have a judicious and the best option for the university. As having a letter of acceptance is necessary for the visa applications to proceed as quickly as possible. Here are the complete details about the visa to study in Ireland from India.

Points to Keep in Mind Before Ireland Study Visa Process


Before starting the application, the course you are going to study in Ireland must be included in the Internalisation Register administered by the NQAI. The maximum time an international student is allowed to stay in the country for pursuing their course is up to 7 years. They are responsible for managing their education to ensure that compliance is within the limit.

Also, it is not permissible for international students having a degree program to enrol on a non-degree or language courses. To apply for a visa for education in Ireland for Indian students through the Irish embassy in India. The following documents are essential to ensure a quick and error-free visa application.

  • A college letter of acceptance, confirming that you have been accepted and enrolled into a full-time educational degree in Ireland.
  • You need to prove that you have paid your university fees or fee receipt. If your fee is less than 6,000 euros, full payment must be taken in advance. If the fee is more than 6,000 Euro then at least this amount will be paid in advance.
  • Your bank statement from an Ireland bank shows from April that you have access to 3,000 Euro at your first registration. This is required to support your education in Ireland for Indian students without going for a business or getting jobs or any kind of benefits.

You are also required to take private healthcare insurance at the time of your registration. Thereafter at every registration in Ireland, you need to show your medical in possession of any private insurance of all the previous registration periods.

Process of Ireland Student Visa for Indian Students


The student visa application process to study in Ireland from India is almost the same as for every other country. You just need to start your application well in advance to avoid a delay in the processing time.

  • Choose your course of study and university to study in Ireland.
  • Gather all necessary documentation, including a valid passport, proof of finances, evidence of acceptance, etc.
  • Complete the visa application form on the INIS website and pay the visa fees.
  • Book an appointment at the nearest Irish embassy or consulate for the visa.
  • Attend the appointment and provide all necessary documents and information to the visa officer.
  • Wait for a decision on the Ireland visa application.
  • If your visa is approved, you will receive a letter outlining the conditions of your visa along with the duration.
  • If your visa is refused, you can appeal the decision or apply again.

It’s important to keep all your important things in hand to avoid any delay in the submission. Make sure you consult with the Irish embassy or consulate for your Ireland study visa process in your home country for guidance. However, if you want an end to end guidance from university selection to post-study arrival, connect with the best overseas education consultants now.

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