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Vastu for a South-Facing Home: Suggestions for a South-Facing Home

Vaastu Shastra is significant when choosing and decorating our homes. Even the finest among us might not like a house that faces south. However, with the proper vastu advice for a south-facing property, the myths may be readily dispelled. Therefore, even if purchasers might not choose a south-facing house, it is still possible to make it fortunate with the correct house layout. Here’s some vastu advice for a home layout with a south orientation:

Who Should Buy a South-Facing House?

While some individuals might believe that purchasing a south-facing property should be entirely avoided, this isn’t necessarily the case for everyone. In certain cases, having a south-facing property may even be advantageous for those who work in the media and communications industries. Also, those with a strong Mars spirit in the birth charts may benefit by living in a south-facing residence as it will help you in accomplishing more.

Myths About Vastu for South-Facing Homes

Whether it’s a myth or not, the prospect of a catastrophe might be unsettling. Here are a few of the myths you’re more likely to encounter about houses with south-facing Vastu Shastra:

  • Meeting an unfortunate end
  • Encountering substantial monetary loss or bad luck
  • Being unwell, having diseases, or developing an abrupt disability

Benefits of a House Facing South

  • Take in more sunshine
  • Reduced Power Usage
  • Gardening Has More Potential

Vastu-Related Drawbacks of a South-Facing House

  • Warm Climate
  • Myths Can Complicate Resale

With the appropriate advice, each of these doshas can always be cured.

Vastu-Related Advice for South-Facing House Plans

The Main Door Facing South Vastu: Place the main door at the southernmost center:

Central or left-of-center door positions are preferred by south-facing main door vastu treatments. The primary doorways or entrance of a south-facing home design must be positioned in the middle of a south-facing wall or area, according to vastu principles for south-facing houses. However, avoid making an entrance in a wall that faces south to the right of a wall’s center point. According to the south entrance vastu, doing so is unlucky. Visit decorchamp.com for more information.

Each Vastu Plan for a South-Facing House suggests a Large Main Door:

In accordance with the south-facing entry vastu, you must also make sure that your main door is the largest door in your house. This draws in the friendliest energy while also immediately deflecting unwelcome energy. Additionally, the main door must open clockwise from the inside. Positive energy will rise by adding a threshold and by keeping the place well-lit.

According to Vastu, the master bedroom of a south-facing house should face south-west:

According to Vastu, the south and west are the best orientations for master bedrooms in a south-facing home. However, the master bedroom should always be situated on the top level of a south-facing home with many levels.

Place more bedrooms in your south-facing house plan’s north-western direction:

The recommended orientation for guest bedrooms is northwest. Even though the northwest is preferable for bedrooms, this guideline can be adjusted to allow for southern or western orientations.

A South-Facing House’s Kitchen Vastu Is Just As Important:

Depending on where the kitchen is located, different vaastu rules apply to its use in south-facing residences. If the kitchen is to the southeast of the home, you must cook towards the east, per the kitchen vastu for a south-facing house.

Vastu Planning Advice for a South-Facing Home with a Pooja Room:

To increase the positive vibes in your area, use a mandir design in the shape of a pyramid. The north-eastern and western orientations are recommended for your pooja room location if your home has a south-facing vastu design with a pooja room. For your mandir, choose wood over metal and stone in terms of materials. Similarly, choose copper and brass over silverware for your pooja room’s utensils. Don’t put your pooja room next to the bathroom or in a space that is next to it.

Bathroom Vastu for a South-Facing House:

The eastern or northern sides of a bedroom are some of the ideal orientations to take into account while arranging the vastu of a south-facing bathroom. Alternately, pay attention to choosing the appropriate colors for the bathroom, since they are as crucial. If the bathroom zone is larger, you may decorate the area with a variety of neutral colors. You may also think about neutral tones of red, orange, pink, and violet for symmetrical and balanced bathrooms.

Directions for South-Facing Home’s Car Parking:

Locate the parking in the southwest end of the house if it has a south-facing vastu design. It is advised that you steer clear of the east and north directions.

What Colors Should a South-Facing House Use?

Mars, a planet connected with the number 9 and the color red, rules the direction South. Therefore, red or complementary colors like brown, orange and yellow are appropriate for a home with southern exposure. You may use these colors both inside and outside of a building to keep the color scheme consistent.

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